5 Proven Ways To Make Him Miss You

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If you want to lengthen the time span of your relationship, getting him to miss you is the missing ingredient for your love potion. As the saying goes “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”.

It feels nice to be wanted but much better to be longed for.

Here are some simple ways to get him to miss you more:

1) Don’t always be available for him: When you are in love with someone, it can be hard to resist being around each other. Yes, spending time with each other is a way to win the heart but creating space once in a while is a way to realize how special and important your partner is. If you are not always with him, he will miss you more.

2) Do not be in a haste to respond to all his texts and calls: If you always respond to his text and calls fast, you will just make it look like you don’t do other things apart from waiting for his texts. When you give little time before responding, you give him the impression that you are busy and he wouldn’t like to disturb. This will make him miss you.

3) Let him go out with friends: Giving him space to enjoy himself, makes you look more confident and less clingy. He may seem to enjoy initially but when he realizes you are far from him, he wishes for your presence.

4) Be independent: If you are the type that normally asks him for everything even the silliest things then you need to take responsibility for yourself. When you do this, he will start wondering what happened to you.

5) If he is the busy type, don’t always disturb him or try to make him talk to you or focus all his attention on you. Sometimes refrain yourself from talking to him when he’s at work or up to something. When he’s less busy, he will be the one looking for you.

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