Extrovert, Introvert Or Ambivert, Which Are You? 2


An extrovert is often outgoing, vibrant. This nature draws people to them and they have a hard time turning away the attention.

It is very easy to identify one. Cause you mostly find them at any social event or at parties. Sometimes they end up as the host of the event.

But some people can’t really tell if they have the extroverted nature cause they aren’t always at the parties.

Not to worry. I’ve got you covered.

Here are some common personality traits of an extrovert:

1) You enjoy social settings: Extroverts are often the center of attention like I mentioned earlier. They thrive in social situations, and they seek out simulation. They aren’t afraid to introduce themselves to new people.

2) You thrive around people: Extroverts feel comfortable in large groups. They may be the ring leader for social events, I also made mention of this earlier. They rarely turn down invitations to a social gathering.

3) You’re friends with many people: Unlike the introverts who like to have their circle small, extroverts enjoy people’s company. They make new friends easily. They always tend to expand their social circles.

4) You prefer to voice out your problems or questions: Extroverts don’t mind taking their problems to others for discussion and guidance. They express themselves openly and make their preferences and choices clear unlike the introverts that are more reserved.

5) You are flexible: They are often adaptable to any situation and innovative when problems arise. While they may be organized, not all extroverts need a plan of action before they undertake any task.

So, these are very common personality traits of an extroverted person. If you have some of them, it means your are likely to be an extrovert.

Are you an extrovert? Tell me in the comment section. 

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