Introvert, Extrovert Or Ambivert, Which Are You?


An introvert is often thought of as a quiet reserved and thoughtful individual. They don’t like special attention or social gathering as these events leave them feeling exhausted and drained. They prefer minimally stimulating environments, and they need alone time to recharge.

It can be sometimes hard to tell if you’re one or not because it isn’t obvious most times. But no need to worry.



Here are some personality traits that shows you’re an introvert:

1) You prefer time to yourself: The idea of staying at home excites you. These period of alone time, is very necessary to an introvert’s health and happiness. Introverts often enjoy activities that are performed alone like watching TV, reading, writing, drawing, etc.

2) You prefer working alone: If you can’t handle group work or it feels overwhelming, you may be an introvert. Introverts often work best when they work alone. The isolation allows introverts to focus deeply and produce high quality results. This doesn’t mean they don’t work well with others, they just prefer to do it alone.

3) You have a very small circle of friends and like it that way: Often times, people mistake an introvert’s small circle of friends as a sign of social weakness or they can’t make friends. They actually enjoy talking with people and getting to know each other. High – quality relationships is a key to happiness for them.

4) You are introspective and curious: You may find yourself day dreaming or working things out in your mind long before you put a plan of action in place or rather before you take a step. They have a very active inner spirit. This also leads them towards self-reflection and research. Introverts are dedicated to pursuing their interests and feeling prepared.

5) You prefer writing over talking: You are more comfortable writing out your thoughts rather than speaking especially when you are not prepared.

The above mentioned traits, are common to every introvert.

Are you an introvert? Tell me in the comment section.

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