Makeup – Important Items Every Artist Needs


Makeup has become so common with our ladies nowadays. It is very rare for you to go out or attend an occasion without seeing half of the women with makeup on.

As a matter of fact, some people have decided to pick it up as a career or profession ‘Makeup Artists‘.

Who is a Makeup Artist?

A makeup artist is someone who has developed or acquired the skill of applying makeup on other people. These set of people have been trained to be able to match up all the cosmetic products in order to blend seamlessly on the client’s face. 

I know some of us will be asking ‘is makeup artistry really profitable?’ 

In my opinion, every profession, career, business is profitable. It all depends on your ability to interact well with your customers and also your ability to promote yourself.

Some beginners, after acquiring the knowledge and skill, usually ask what are the items that I need to start up my own makeup studio?

I’m going to be answering that now.

Makeup Items Every Beginner Makeup Artist Needs:

We are going to start with items needed to build up our makeup kit. You should know that a professional makeup kit is different from a personal makeup kit. 
1) Skin Primer: I’m assuming we all know the use of these products already. So I won’t go into details. A primer is the base of the makeup so it is highly recommend that you have at least two different types both for the oily skin and for the dry skin.
2) Foundation: As a makeup artist, you are going to be working on people with different complexions and skin tones. It is necessary you get a variety of foundation shades. So that every client will be able to find their shade.
3) Concealer: Same goes for the concealers too. You need to get a variety of shades.
4) Setting Powder: I recommend a translucent powder as it works well with all skin tones.
5) Contour, Blush and Highlight palette: A palette that gives you 3-in-1 is very necessary. As it saves cost and space.
6) A powder palette: A palette with different colors of powder is very good.
7) Eyebrow pencils
8) Mascara
9) Eyeliner
10) Pack of different types of eyelashes and eyelash glue.
11) A large eye shadow palette with many colors.
12) Different shades of lipstick or a lip palette.
13) Setting sprays
14) Makeup brushes: Of course we aren’t going to use our hands to apply the products. I would not really recommend a beauty blender for professional work cause it would be hard to maintain.
15) Makeup box: It is portable and convenient if you would also be doing home services.

That’s all we need to officially kick off our business.

Tip: When chosing a location for your studio, make sure the environment is well developed. Take time to study the area. So you won’t be disappointed when you don’t have customers.

Thank you.

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