Choosing A Partner? Here Are 4 Important Things To Look Out For


Many love experts say that the values inhibit look for in a partner. Indeed, when a person shares our fundamental values, we feel safe, comfortable, and connected to our Partner. But these values ​​are not always obvious to detect, so what are the qualities that men and women look for in a partner?

There are these important, even primordial, qualities that we look for in our partners in love, such as: are they honest? Do they communicate well? Are they fair with the money? And the list continues…On the other hand, we do not talk much or little about the less obvious signs that will make a person a good Partner.

We interviewed relationship experts to find out more. Below, see what marriage therapists, psychologists, and writers have to say on the subject.

So here’s what the survey tells us about the most important qualities that both men and women are looking for in their partners.

Do not turn around when there is traffic: Do you know people who twitch, slack behind a car, or make bad gestures? How do they work at home? Our actions under pressure speak a lot about our ability to remain calm or, on the contrary, to lose patience. The same applies to patience and the ability to cope with disappointments and frustrations to cope with relationships.

Personality: Personality would be the most important thing for both men and women. Indeed, despite what we often believe (that it is the physical that takes precedence), we are, in fact, much more attached to the personality that emanates from a person. It is the personality which will make moreover that one finds a person beautiful or not physically.

Common points: It seems quite logical: Whether it is a passion for climbing or for good wine, having interests in common is necessary for good osmosis in the couple.Intelligence: Intelligence is a criterion that we always consider, but it is not the most important criterion for many people. At the same time, when we watch, people spend more time watching TV together than reading novels.

Healthy physical and mental health habits: A suspicious diet may be good at first, but it can get in the way in the long run. Healthy habits related to diet, exercise, and stress management deteriorate over time and stress in relationships. If your Partner struggles to work out in the future, they are likely to be asked.


Any long-term relationship has to go through tough times where you might want to let go of it all, let it go, or lock yourself up. It’s predictable! But this is what it does. It tells you if you can trust how Partner will react during the difficult times.

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