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Twenty: Necessary Things You Must Achieve Before Thirty

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So you’re now officially twenty. Yay! Congrats on your new age. But do you know this age comes with a lot of things too? It’s not all about leaving the teen age, the twenties has a different pattern all together.

At twenty, you become a full-fledged adult. At this point, you are responsible for whatever happens in your life. This should be the most serious stage in your life. Where you sit down and set goals for yourself and abide by them. No one is going to be chasing you around to do the dishes or the laundry. Whatever decision you make is for yourself and to your own benefit or to your loss.

Notably, there are some necessary things you must achieve when you’re still twenty

All Educational Levels Complete:

When you turn 20, I’m assuming you are already in the university. Meaning you are done with basic education, of course, you’re done with the secondary level both junior and senior. If my assumption is right, then you’re on the right track. But if supposedly, you are yet to enter the university at this age, then there must be a tangible reason for that. I’m not trying to point an accusing finger at you or anything. Surely it could happen to anyone especially if you started schooling late.

Before you get to thirty, you should aim to get a Master’s degree in your field of study even likely a Doctorate degree. It’s worth an achievement at quite a young age. Because once you start a family, it will be a lot difficult to go back to school then.

Financial Stability:

Very necessary that you have a reliable source of income because you will be the one footing your own bills now. If possible have two sources of income. You never know what might happen. Like take the covid 19 pandemic for example, lots of people lost their jobs. Now if you were in that situation, how would you have coped?

Research has proven that those who ad various sources of income and lots of savings were able to recover faster compared to those who depended solely on their jobs with little or no savings. Key point to note: learn how to save. Not every money that enters your and is for spending. Have a reserve.

Have A Close Circle of Trust Worthy Friends:

No man is an island. No matter how you try your best to avoid it, you will likely need help from people sometimes or you will need someone to talk to during the blue days. If you don’t have anybody, who will you look up to at that time? Now I’m not saying you should pack a bunch of tem. There are some I know you know are good for you. It’s your choice to make anyone you want your friend. But don’t get carried away with physical appearance. Look within an make the right choice so you won’t regret later on.

Have your own apartment and a car:

Okay the car part might not really be necessary but the apartment, very compulsory. Don’t tell me you plan on living with your parents or your friends forever. It’s time to start making plans on moving out and being independent. You’re a grown up adult now. It’s time to view the world from a different angle. See it how it truly is not how someone else wants you to see it.

Invest, Buy Shares, Start a Personal Business:

Another important point to note. Like I mentioned earlier have different streams of income. By now you should have little coins entering your pocket at the end of the month, you can use it to invest in a long term project. Like start a blog or a YouTube channel. There are lots of things you can start up with little or no capital and as time goes on, you can put in resources and expect returns later.

Also, you can buy shares of upcoming businesses and companies. The internet has made it so easy for you to discover them at the comfort of your house. Be careful when buying shares. Look for companies that have potentials for future growth.

These are things everyone in their twenties should be doing in order to secure your future and achieve a lot before you turn thirty.

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