YouTube – Important Filming Equipments Beginner Vloggers Need


YouTube is an online video sharing platform. It is also the second most visited platform after Google search according to research.

A YouTube channel is a space designed by YouTube for creators to share their contents in video forms.

Here is a detailed video on how to create a YouTube channel: 

Starting or creating a YouTube channel is one thing. And it’s another thing to know what filming equipments are needed to start making videos on YouTube.

Important filming equipments every YouTube beginner must have

1) Camera: The most important item on the list. A DSLR(Digital Single-Lens Reflex) camera is the best choice of camera for making YouTube videos. You don’t really need to get a high end one. A middle range own will do because they are quite pricey. But as a beginner who perhaps is on a budget, you could use your smartphone to record videos. The quality of smartphone cameras have improved so much over the years.
2) Tripod: Tripods are very necessary too. These little things can transform your video appearance so greatly. It helps to focus the camera at the right angle to avoid tilting and bending. They are not expensive at all. You can also use them with both phone and camera.
3) Microphone: A microphone is useful if you’re going to be recording or filming videos outdoor. If you are going to use a quiet room then you don’t need one. If you film outdoor and decide to use the camera’s microphone, the audio quality might be very poor. And I’m not sure anyone would like to watch a video where the can barely make out what the person is saying.
So these are the necessary equipments you need. Then as you advance and earn some money you can buy a lightening system.
Hope you found this article helpful. Please share and feel free to leave a comment for me if you have any questions.

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